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What’s the best time to schedule my session?

We prefer to schedule most outdoor portrait sessions either early morning (10a.m. or earlier) or late afternoon/early evening*. This is done purposefully in order to avoid the harsh effects of bright midday sun, which can create unsightly shadows and bright spots that will ruin a photo. That being said, if such times are not possible for you, we will be happy to arrange a time and location that does work. (*This rule does not usually apply to newborn sessions. These photos are done in our studio or at your home). Most sessions usually last 1-2 hours, newborns 2-3 hours. Please review this time commitment with everyone in your party.

Where do we hold the session?

We are happy to meet you anywhere you’d like your photo session done (Travel fees apply to home visits and locations further than 30 minutes from zip code 06759). Many people stress over the “perfect” spot to have their pictures taken and often overlook their own home and backyard. It can be a wonderful, familiar place to create memories. Our portrait images are not typically wide, sweeping landscape photos. Rather, we concentrate on capturing people and their personalities – we aim to keep backgrounds pleasant and free from distracting objects or colors. We can make suggestions for several local outdoor places if you’re stumped for ideas. For newborns, children and groups of 6 or fewer individuals, we offer sessions at our studio with access to our wide selection of props and controlled lighting. We also offer a “portable” studio for newborns & children, which can be quickly set up in your home in a small space.

What should we wear?

We don’t insist on certain colors or styles. We offer basic guidelines that will enhance the beauty of your photographs. Firstly, it is important that you and/or your family feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. A good rule of thumb is to avoid bright, bold or busy patterns and corporate logos (think large “athletic company” Swoosh, graphics, etc) which can be visually distracting. We recommend generally coordinating colors and styles amongst family members. The trend of families matching exactly is outdated.  Simple khaki colors, grays, blues, pastels and natural tones will blend nicely with most backgrounds. Small stripes or checked prints (similar to gingham) are certainly acceptable. If you’re planning an outdoor session, white should be worn with caution, as it reflects a lot of light and can wash out a complexion. Please also be sure that collared and button-down shirts are freshly ironed, dark clothing should be free of pet hair and lint. Finger nails should be clean & tidy on everyone, especially for newborn sessions which tend to include close-up cuddling shots.

I’m having my newborn photographed, can my other children be included?

YES! Our newborn sessions always include special photos with parents & siblings at no extra cost.

I’m concerned about handing my new baby over to someone we don’t know…

With Nutmeg Photography LLC, you will always be working directly with the two of us during your newborn session. And what a handy bonus – we are licensed nurses with years of experience interacting with newborns and their families. We are skilled at handling babies and know what their tiny bodies can and cannot tolerate. You can put your mind at ease knowing you have two trusted professionals working with your family!

I’m not sure my small child will sit still for “portraits”…..

No worries! Our specialty is children & families. We understand kids are busy and curious. We won’t force your kiddos to sit through stuffy & boring portrait sittings. Our sessions are organized & fun. We take the time to work with you and your children to get the best possible results.  Plus we’re always prepared with silly faces, puppets & teddy bears! Weather permitting, outdoor sessions are great for kids – they have space to run around, interact with siblings and be themselves.

Do you offer the digital files from our session?

YES! The world of photography is changing. We believe our clients should own the photographs they’ve paid for and have the flexibility of using and retaining their images for years to come. We highly suggest ordering your prints through us – you have paid for professional photographs and should see them as such in print. Our prices are reasonable and quality is 100% guaranteed.

When will our photos be ready?

Images from Standard Nutmeg Collections (maternity, newborns, families, high school seniors, first birthdays, etc) will be ready for viewing in your private online gallery 2 weeks after your session. Weddings and other large events are ready in 6-8 weeks – the wait may be slightly longer during our busier Fall season.